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About Us – Kingdom Kids Child Care

About Us

Our Philosophy:

At Kingdom Kids, each child is guided to develop his/her potential in every aspect of life within the shelter and nurturing relationship of Christian love. We operate our program assuming each child is an individual and must be allowed to grow and learn at his/her own rate and to develop a healthy self-image. Kingdom Kids will assist each child to grow spiritually, emotionally, physically, and intellectually.

Our philosophy is to reach out to families and connect children to Jesus by providing high quality child care. We create a safe, fun, hands-on environment that is intellectually and physically challenging, socially interactive, emotionally secure and spiritually sound. Our staff works alongside families, equipping young children to explore God’s hope for their life.

Child care and preschool frequently represent the child’s first separation from home, a first experience in learning, and experiences where other adults are helpful and loving. Children have much social learning to do. This is accomplished best in an atmosphere of love and concern for the needs of each child. Activities are planned to encourage and develop individual strengths and abilities while helping your child to understand the value of cooperation and interaction with others. This is achieved through working, learning, playing, and sharing with other children as well as adults.

Play is the child’s work. We take advantage of this fact and add many facets of early childhood teaching techniques to build a happy and strong foundation. By balancing active time with quiet time, teacher directed activities with child selected ones, and structured learning with simply playing, Kingdom Kids will encourage the child’s natural curiosity and eagerness to learn about God’s awesome creation.

Mission Statement:

Meet Jesus, Make Friends, Make a Difference

Kingdom Kids is dedicated to sharing with each child and their parents God’s unconditional love so that children and their families may grow, mature and become part of a community of fully devoted followers of Jesus Christ.

Kingdom Kids Vision:

It is our Vision…

  • Value each infant, toddler and preschooler as a unique and special child of God, encouraging their individuality and promoting their self-esteem.
  • Setting a firm foundation for a life long faith relationship with Jesus.
  • Provide a program with balance between teacher directed and child directed activities to meet the total needs of the child to grow spiritually, socially, emotionally, intellectually and physically.
  • Value a child’s play experience as an avenue of learning and provide a developmentally appropriate program for every child in our care.
  • Provide a safe, stimulating, hands-on environment for children to interact with others and increase in ability and learning.
  • Nurture every aspect of a child’s development, reaching out to the family and community as a whole.
  • To nurture the spiritual and professional development of our staff; thereby enriching their lives and giving them the tools they need to enrich the lives of the children they care for.

Our Curriculum:

Kingdom Kids Learning Center uses a unique curriculum, designed from many years of working with young children in Christian child care centers. Our curriculum is Bible based, which means teaching Bible stories and Biblical truths is central to all we do. Christian teachings are woven throughout the curriculum, we sing Christian songs, learn Bible stories, pray with the children, and answer questions from a Christian perspective.

We use principles of Creative Curriculum in our lesson planning and assessment of children’s development and progress.

Children in our program will be well prepared for kindergarten starting with an enriched environment in the infant room and early reading and math curriculum in toddlers and preschool.

In short here at Kingdom Kids you will get the best of everything available in a child care curriculum: Christian teachings, a Creative Curriculum approach, and a progressive early learning environment.